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Sifting, pasteurisation & packaging

Our Services

Elandsberg Tea Processors consists out of 2 divisions.  Sifting and pasteurisation of bulk rooibos has been our core business since 2001.  In 2007 we expanded our range of services by adding a packaging facility, geared to provide brand owners with a complete range of packaging options.

Sifting and pasteurisation

Bulk rooibos is sifted and pasteurised according to client’s needs.  For palletised product, double layer paper bags are being used, with weights ranging from 16-18 kg per bag and 50 bags per pallet.  An alternative option is to use 20 kg polypropylene bags with a poly-ethylene liner; this is used for unpalletised loads. 

Every bulk batch is tested on site by the Perishable Products Export Control Board (PPECB) to ensure that it complies with food-safety and Phyto-sanitary standards.

Retail packaging

Various packaging options are available, and we aim to fulfil the various needs that clients have.

Examples of various packaging options:

  • Loose leaf rooibos in 5 kg poly-ethylene bags
  • Loose tagless teabags (2 g or 2.5 g) (1 000 teabags per shipping unit)
  • Tagless teabags in a 40 / 50 g metallised or clear poly-ethylene pouch
  • Mixing and blending of flavours and herbs with rooibos to be packed in retail packaging
  • Additional processing may include inserting pouches or loose teabags into tamper proof retail cartons, gluing, printing and packing into shipping/display cartons.  Printing on retail packaging with batch numbers, production and best before dates are done in line and tailored to client’s specifications.

Minimum Packaging Quantity

A minimum packaging order quantity of one pallet (approximately 300 kg) is compulsory.

Final products are tested by PPECB to ensure that all export regulations are met.

Our management team has several years of experience and we will advise and assist our clients with recommendations and different packaging options should it be required.  We pride ourselves in being flexible in meeting the demands of our clients.

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